Jingle Joe and Top 40 Hitlist from Brandy

Top 40 Hitlist

JIMtv, the TV station for youngsters, has launched a new chart show. Brandy produced the audio for the leaders, bumpers and trailers of the Top 40 Hitlist, the countdown of the most popular and coolest music videos.

For the programme, Brandy composed a 5-note logo which comes in sung and instrumental versions.

The package musically fits in perfectly with the contemporary hits without merely copying them. And it is highly functional. It is not only for television, but also for radio as the Top 40 Hitlist has been given a spot on Q-Music. Log on now to www.brandy-jingles.com to listen.

Jingle JOE

100% pure Christmas atmosphere without becoming corny? JOE fm, the AC station that plays a lot of music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, found the perfect formula at Brandy.

It all started with a kind request from one of the Joe listeners: ‘All I want for Christmas is JOE!’ So the station had to look no further for a strapline to brighten up the holiday season.

Brandy built jingles around it using all ingredients of the time-honoured jingle tradition; placed them in a contemporary context and poured an exquisite holiday dressing over them. You can listen to the result in 10 cuts. Each cut is at least available in full version, ramp, shortcut and aca.

Jingle Joe Demo

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