Skala FM return to Wisebuddah

Denmark’s Number 1 commercial radio station Skala FM has returned to Wisebuddah Jingles for a brand new Custom ID package. The new sound transitions Skala FM from HOT AC to a slighter hotter position of Adult CHR, as it maintains its place as one of the most listened to stations in the country.

Elias Krause was Skala FM’s Head of Imaging throughout the project: “Hearing the new Skala FM jingles on-air is an amazing feeling! The talented producers from Wisebuddah have managed to create a jingle package that is as bright and modern as we wanted it to be. We wanted a jingle package that kicks **s and rocks the rest of the radio industry. Wisebuddah delivered!”

Wisebuddah’s Production Manager Phil Tozer added: “The Team at Skala FM are always such a joy to work with, and this year was no different. Brian and Elias from the station flew over from Kolding to join us for the vocal session, and together I think we’ve produced one of the most contemporary, feel-good packages of 2016.”

Wisebuddah has recently produced new packages for Radio NRW, Antenne Thüringen, Radio Brocken, Planet Radio (all Germany), Radio 538 (Holland) and many more. For more info, and to see the new look Wisebuddah website, visit

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