NRK P3 launch new Wisebuddah Jingles

Wisebuddah and NRK P3 are celebrating a decade of working together by launching a brand new jingle package. The new sound is a re-work of the latest package produced for Holland’s Radio 538 and it will fit seamlessly alongside the current sound of NRK P3, which was also produced by Wisebuddah.

Phil Tozer, Business Development Manager at Wisebuddah said: “This has been a 10 years of producing nothing but innovative, modern jingles for one of Scandinavia’s most respected CHR radio brands. Each time we work with Stian, Christer & the NRK P3 Team it’s a unique production process which feels fresh every time we collaborate.”

NRK P3’s Chris Dahl, Sound Designer, added: “In 2017 Norway is turning off FM and powering up DAB. That means more powerful transmitters, more stations and competition. Therefore, we also needed a bigger, more powerful sound. Thanks to the team at Wisebuddah, NRK P3 is now the best sounding radio station in Norway, even in Scandinavia. The 538 package was a perfect choice for us to say: NRK P3 – på DAB+, mobil og nettradio.”

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