Poland’s Meloradio choose to Create With Wisebuddah

Meloradio (formerly Radio Zet Gold) has re-launched with a new jingle package from Wisebuddah in London.

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “We’re thrilled to be back on air Poland. We recorded the vocals in the heart of Warsaw with some incredibly talented Polish singers, and you can hear that talent shining through in the final mixes. To Łukasz and the Team, we say dziękuję!”

The Meloradio team decided to re-sing Wisebuddah’s packages which were originally created for the UK Magic network, as they were the “perfect fit” for the new sound of the AC station.

Łukasz Pieter, Music Director at Meloradio: “The packages that Wisebuddah created for Magic in the UK are amongst the highest standard in the radio industry today. We needed a new sound that makes our station stand out from all of the competition, and Wisebuddah delivered that…and more! It’s the perfect sound for a radio station playing music from the 80s through to today.”

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