Sky Radio Christmas feels good with Wisebuddah

The Christmas tradition returns this year as Holland’s Sky Radio once again rebrands to The Christmas Station for the festive season.

Starting yesterday, the non-stop music station will play nothing but feel good Christmas songs alongside an updated Christmas package produced by Wisebuddah.

Chris Hartgers & Arjan van Lierop, Sky Radio: “We gave the producers at Wisebuddah quite a challenge by asking to create some new jingles and remake some of the existing ones. The result is a fantastic Christmas package with a modern sound and at the same time, with a traditional Christmas feel. Once again, Wisebuddah did an amazing job providing us with the best Christmas jingles ever made!”

60% of the Dutch listen to Christmas music via the radio. This is shown by research by Panel Inzicht commissioned by Talpa Radio. A third of the Dutch want to hear Christmas music from mid-November. That is why Sky Radio start their Christmas programming now!

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “It might be a cliché but Christmas really is the best time of the year – so what better way to get into the spirit than by heading into the studio and producing a package packed with festive spirit and a generous helping of sleigh bells. Once again it’s been great to work with the amazing team at Sky Radio… and we hope that the Christmas spirit shines through in the new package.”

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