High Energy Jingles for Holland

Today, Strike released part 1 of the High Energy Package for Holland’s number one drive time show: De Wild in de Middag (De Wild in the Afternoon). The show is on air every day,
on Dutch national public radio station NPO Radio 2. The first package consists 4 basic id cuts and a massive amount of mixouts, all on air ready. At this moment the Strike Jingles team is working on part 2 of the package, that will be released later this year. For ‘De Wild in de Middag’ they’ve also created 6 show songs, already on air – the demos of those will be available later in January.

Anthony Timmers, Creative Director: “Strike by Capital of Media has been busy recording over the last weeks and will be releasing a lot more new custom productions soon. More and more national, regional and online stations want and dare to sound different again and know to find the best alternative sound!: Strike, We are jingles!”

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