New FX Library – Glide 4

Are you producing imaging for an AC or Hot AC station?Then you probably recognize this situation where you’re losing lots of valuable time looking for the right FX or work part? Especially if you’re producing for a hybrid format where News and Talk are combined with AC music, the tone of voice of your imaging is elementary.

You don’t want the harsh and in your face CHR sound but you do want your station to sound contemporary, but in a stylish adult way. That’s why Sticky FX carefully crafted a library that instantly gives you the perfect element for your production.

Fourth library

Glide is already for seven years, the absolute standard in AC and Hot AC FX and work parts and this is the fourth library in the Glide series. A huge library with a fresh, contemporary and smooth sound.Exactly how you want your station to sound.

Glide 4 has over 600 brand new FX & work parts. All elements are specially designed for AC and Hot AC Radio and categorized, so you save time and immediately get the right sound for your production!

A wide range

The library comes with lots of whooshes in all styles, velocities and intensities. Give your imaging more speed with the Risers. It features a wide range of Impacts from soft and smooth to punchy and big. Beautiful Musical elements like melodic Starters, Stagers, Logo’s and FX. When you need that subtle ‘less is more’ sound and want to make your imaging sound really delicate, use the Glitches. Create forward movement in a subtle way with the Fly Ins. Accentuate or create a great end of your production with the Hits. Glide 4 has them from big to small and fast to slow. There’s the Starters to create great ‘back to music’ ID’s or start of your promo’s with.

Seamless transitions

An incredible amount of Whoosh hits gives you the ability to create seamless transitions between all your programming elements. Beeps & breakers that can be spliced in anywhere you need. Glide 4 has lots of Pads in all kinds of moods and intensities for your presenters to talk over or use them in your promo’s to create a smooth ambience. The Combos combine all the strengths of all the FX in Glide 4. When you want to create smooth and swift transitions, use the Wipes. And then of course this library has some great Beds to talk over or use them for the right sound in your promos.

The perfect feel and flow

Create that modern and adult sound you’re looking for. Glide 4 gives your imaging the perfect feel and flow. And every element fits in seamlessly. Glide 4 is the ultimate audio branding tool for AC and Hot AC formats.

Glide 4 is also available in a friendly priced bundle containing Glide 1 to 4.

Get Glide 4 now for your station at! Now with a 50 Euro introduction discount, for 349 EURO instead of 399 EURO(limited time offer)

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