Mothership of AC and Hot AC FX Libraries

Imaging for an AC and Hot AC station is one of the most difficult jobs for an imaging director. Finding good FX packages for these formats is not easy but with the Glide libraries you are always one step ahead at your competition. That’s why many radio stations around the globe already rely on Glide to give their station a classy but fresh and modern sound.

And now there’s Glide 3! It has been in the making for over 2 years and finally the mothership of all AC and Hot AC fx libraries has landed. With more than 600 FX and Work Parts categorized in 12 sections like a selection of subtle Bleeps and Separators. A set of Hits, Slams and Impacts from big to small and in all imaginable intensity levels. Glide 3 also gives you a handy collection of Fly-Ins in different speeds and energy that make your production sound smoother and enhance the flow of your sound. It includes Starters for take offs in various styles, Logo’s, Beds in drone and beat style, lots of Whooshes in endless variations and it even has special selection of X-mas Elements so your station has that constant, fresh, clear and classy sound all year round.

It’s the complete toolbox for your station to create the sound you want. With precisely the amount of energy your format needs. All the elements you love conveniently organized and name tagged so you’ll find the right sound right away every time!

Glide 3 is the third library in the Glide series which started with the introduction of Glide 1 in 2011. Many producers using Glide, liked the neutral sound and subtleness. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else so Glide 2 was born! And the newest library Glide 3 is the absolute production beast tailor made for AC and Hot AC radio.

Check out the demo and track listing at! And if you’d like to get all the Glide libraries there’s also a friendly priced bundle of Glide 1, Glide 2 and Glide 3. To get it for your station, go to and check out the demo below.

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