Peak Media is pleased to announce the launch of CODE JINGLES, a new brand that will operate under its station ID and sound design for radio division. Executive VP Michel Labrecque and creative director Daniel Boisvert will head this new unit.

The radio division of Peak Media has seen impressive growth on the international stage in a highly specialized industry. To allow post-production services the chance to work at their full potential, they needed to become their own separate unit.

“Radio stations and programming directors are looking for a very specific product, and they understand exactly what they need. Offering them a new platform that meets their expectations precisely has become an imperative,” explains Daniel Boisvert.

“The international radio industry has gone through big changes over the last five years. Our new offer is in line with these changes. We’re convinced that it will respond to the new reality of radio stations and we’re very happy to unveil the CODE JINGLES brand today,” says Mr. Labrecque.

CODE JINGLES is launching with a full portfolio of clients based in England, Switzerland, Belgium, the Caribbean and, of course, Canada.

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