Wisebuddah Jingles land on P10 Country

Norway’s first country radio station, P10 Country, has returned to Wisebuddah for a host of new jingles.

After successfully launching the station in 2017 with a re-sing of Wisebuddah’s Country+ package, P10 has commissioned 7 new custom themes to air from November 2018.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager: “Inspired by a mixture of today’s top modern country chart toppers andsome of the biggest hits from the last 20 years, these updates are brought tolife with live pedal steel, slide guitar and fiddle (amongst others!). They complementour constantly updating repertoire of Country jingles which we’re proud to hearon air all over the world.”

Aleksander Lilleøien, Imaging Director: We returned to our go to-jingle guys at Wisebuddah Jingles with the task of creating a modern top of hour and six more jingles that had to work well with and complement our current package. We worked closely with the Wisebuddah team on every track, and having our vision come to life cut by cut was an extremely satisfying experience. Once again, the Wisebuddah team knocked it out of the park, and delivered way beyond our expectation. We’re very proud of the result and are already looking forward to riding with them again.”

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