New Wisebuddah Jingles land on Planet Radio

Broadcasting from the heart of Hessen, Frankfurt’s planet radio recently launched a huge new Custom ID package, produced by Wisebuddah in London. Comprised of over 30 x CHR IDs, alongside a Sonic Logo Toolkit and a new Vocal Logo Toolkit, the package consists of over 400 elements.

Wisebuddah Jingles’ Managing Director Paul Plant said: “There has been a wave of really inspiring music over the past 12 months. Artists are pushing the creativity, which has introduced new styles and sounds to CHR playlists. We wanted to reflect the wide range of Planet’s music output so the ID’s range from natural and stripped back to full on energetic, and it has really kept us inspired.”

The production was led by Wisebuddah’s George Taylor: “Working with the team at planet was a real pleasure and I relished the various creative musical and production challenges Mick and Eli pushed my way”.

planet radio’s Head of Production Mick von Oppen said: “Thank you Wisebuddah for making it happen. We wanted the most – we got the most. With great love for detail you have crafted timeless sound design that cuts right through. Each jingle is a hit in itself!

State of the art imaging with a new audio logo and music beds to last many years, the custom package you created is the best sonic backbone a station can have. We’re hooked! Thank you to the entire team for your fundamental support”.

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  1. October 5, 2017

    […] The original package was produced by Wisebuddah for Germany’s Planet Radio. […]

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