Wise Buddah Rebrands Sky Radio, Holland

After 23 years, Holland’s non-stop hit music station, Sky Radio made the big decision to change their musical logo, and chose Wise Buddah to provide their new sound for 2012.

The custom package comprises of 20 main cuts, each delivered with up to 5 different strap lines as well as Information Elements and a Commercial ID.

Anthony Timmers, Imaging Consultant for Sky Radio comments on his Buddah experience:

“The new Sky Radio jingles are unbelievably great! For me personally it was the first time working directly with the WB crew and it was a wise decision.

The idea of the new sound of the Sky Radio jingles was in our head, and Wise Buddah made it real! The cuts sound just like the records, but secretly even better 😉 They gave me good beer, great restaurant tips and lot’s of laughs… need new jingles? You need the Buddah of Jingles!”

Sky Radio from Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah’s producer Marc Vickers explains:

“It was an honor to be asked to produce the new sound of Sky Radio, and following such a illustrious jingle history it was no small challenge! The goal was to create a cool ultra-modern sound that would fit seamlessly around the tracks on the play list, lifting the station and taking it forward into 2012”

For more information about this or any other Wise Buddah Jingle package contact Paul Plant on 00 44 (0) 207 307 1610 or e-mail paul@wisebuddah.com

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  1. James H says:

    Can’t believe they have decided to ditch their original musical logo. Don’t get me wrong, these new jingles are great but sound like every other Wise Buddah jingle package. Shame. 🙁

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