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Chart show imaging for Qmusic

BRANDY Jingles has produced new chart show imaging for Qmusic. The chart show is all about drive, energy and enthusiasm. And that’s exactly how the new Favourite 40 jingles sound! These timeless tracks sound great in an up tempo programme,...

Workalicious: A New Station Sound

Workalicious is more than just a jingle package. It’s imaging that is not only functional but really sets you apart. The jingles were produced for the international radio brand Qmusic. In the morning, the station plays non-stop hits, so they...


YOU MAKE US Q, from Brandy

Brussels based consultancy and production agency, Brandy continue to work to one of the sexiest radio brands in Western Europe Qmusic kicked off 2016 in Belgium and the Netherlands with a first addition to its brand-new jingle package. Last autumn,...

Brandy 'You make us Q'

The new Q jingles – a bold statement

Jingles that don’t sound like jingles, and whose sound is indistinguishable from the current hits − that’s how Brandy describe the new custom package they produced for Qmusic. The package features tracks with a seldom heard production value. Qmusic doesn’t...

Powers Intros for Q from Brandy

Powers Intros for Q from Brandy

Brandy (the branding company) have updated their site with new jingles for Q Music. Listen. Tune into JingleNews Monthly next month for a sample of new jingles for 4FM from Brandy.