Workalicious: A New Station Sound

Workalicious is more than just a jingle package. It’s imaging that is not only functional but really sets you apart. The jingles were produced for the international radio brand Qmusic. In the morning, the station plays non-stop hits, so they were looking for jingles that stand out from traditional radio branding. The package consists of five basic tracks, including a Top of Hour.

Since launching in 2001, Qmusic has been using sound design as a strategic tool to differentiate itself from competitors. Workalicious is proof of this: during office hours, the station goes all in with nothing but music. Sound design plays a crucial part in giving this non-stop programme its own unique identity.

Brandy produced a potent package with powerful grooves and plenty of voices. In post-production, the jingles received an extra layer, giving the tracks added character and attitude. The logo creates a clear link with the rest of the station’s sonic branding, while the unique sound of the package is very specific for this show. This creates additional drive and character – a real challenge for a non-stop music show.

Workalicious is a mix of contemporary design elements that can be included in any jingle package. You can go all the way. Or you can pick certain elements and add them to more traditional jingles. It’s available for other stations that want to take their design to the next level with Brandy.

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