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Jeff Straub Radio Imaging has been serving customers since December 2003. Jeff traveled as a musician as a kid and wrote and performed music for many years–so his first radio and TV experiences were as a “subject.” Jeff later worked in radio and television as a public information officer for a municipality. While hosting a radio show that promoted independent rock artists, Jeff began doing radio imaging production. He then went on to DJ and worked as production manager for one of the largest net classic rock stations, 9412.

Upon seeing the demand for quality voice work and production AND the absolutely insane prices some folks were charging, was “born” as a solution.

In 2004 Jeff had over 400 customers including the “Big Boys” like, ESPN, Sirius Satellite, Time-Warner Cable, Victory Records and corporates like IBM. They’ve also done many, many FMs, AMs, LPFMs and Internet radio stations and shows. Hopefuly 2005 will be even better for him!

If you’ve looking for a voice for your next project why not try Jeff? You can get a fully produced sweeper, liner or ID produced to your specifications for just $12.95 USD!

Jeff has sent us a montage of his latest work, which you can hear by clicking here. Listen to it and let us know what you think or better still let Jeff know himself!

From now on every Sunday we’ll spotlight some voice-over, jingle company or production company and we’ll try and compile Top 10 list of them from the comments you make, that’s if you make any!

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