Z100 2004 Resings for 2FM

2FM here in Ireland have just launched Z100 2004 from Reelworld resung mainly for their new breakfast show with Ruth Scott and Rick O’Shea. They have only gotten 4 of the original cuts and you can hear them in this short montage I’ve created (sorry about the quaility).

The cuts have been sung ‘Ireland’s number 1 hit music station’ and then ‘RTE 2FM’ or ‘2FM’ can be added in at the end of the sing. The jingles are only currently being played on ‘The Full Irish’ with a mixture of ‘RTE 2FM’ and ‘2FM’ being used.

If anyone wants to hear an aircheck from Rick and Ruth’s first breakfast show together this morning send me an e-mail and I’ll sent it to you.

4 Responses

  1. Paddy says:

    Hey Paul Man Them 2fm Jingles or Should I Say ( Them RTE 2 Fm ) Lol Are Alright I Prefer The 1st One On The Package.

    Paul Keep Up The Good Work ! ! !

  2. Derek says:

    Hey Paul. Nice new jingles 2FM have gotten. I think they’re the first morning show/dj cuts I’ve heard resung from the z100 package.

    Keep up the updates!

  3. Rob says:

    Hey, I had a listen to Rick and Ruth this morning on ‘RTE 2FM’ and they sound well and the jingles add more to the show.

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