Street Kiss 2005 Denver

N2Effect have just put their first package of 2005 on their website – ‘Street Kiss 2005 Denver’. This package follows on from Kiss 95.7’s 2003 TM Century package, Kiss Icon.

‘Requests have poured in over the past year for N2 Effect to create a package for Rhythmic leaning CHR’s. Our challenge was how do you create something for the format that has never done before? The end result blew away top programmers at Clear Channel with a package unlike anything you have ever heard before! If your core artists are 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, Beyonce, Ciara and Usher….you have to check this out!’

8 shotguns, 4 slogan cuts, 2 morning show cuts, 2 top of the hours, what’s happening, weather and launch pads – that’s Street Kiss 2005 Denver from N2Effect. Click here to listen to all the cuts now on N2Effect’s playout simulator.

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  1. July 13, 2008


    reaped malformed deceased,usurped bored bless …

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