ReelWorld ONE – KIIS

Following on from our KDWB and WHTZ ReelWorld One montages, here are the KIIS LA logo versions. Basic, shotgun, ramp, legal, speciality cuts and more! ReelWorld One’s official website is set to launch soon, and the monthly updates have already started. We’ll be posting them on later today along with the WXKS Boston logo starter kit versions.

KIIS LA 2007 from ReelWorld | 6:17 – 5.76MB | Download

4 Responses

  1. Deven Swartz says:

    Looks like the link’s broken…

  2. Paul McGrath says:

    Link has been fixed.

    Thanks Deven.

    – P.

  3. Jonathan says:

    These sound great! I especialy love the slogan ID @ 1:08…

  4. Do you know who’s doing the voiceovers at KIIS in LA? (Extremely deep’ish voice, also heard on the syndicated AT40-voiceovers).

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