Brandy’s Newest Packages

Brandy presents 3 new custom jingle packages.

Class One. A unique way to brand a unique format. A recognizable sonic logo, live instruments and groovy sounds come together in a range of atmospheres that’s endlessly expandable. For radio stations that breathe style and class, Class One is the perfect imaging solution – and it works great for tv too!

Radio 2, the Flemish public broadcaster’s family station, creates room for classics but keeps in touch with today’s popmusic. On Brandy’s advice, the imaging was expanded with a number of specific tools. Five jingles were especially created to go with the current melodic and musical AC-pop (Colbie Caillat, Michael Bublé, …). The new cuts combine the class of the traditional jingle with a contemporary feel. An extended vocal group, warm harmonies and sing-a-long melodies, that’s what Close 2 You 2 is all about.

And last but not least, Donna gets a large update of the original Love It-package. For Love It 2, Brandy combined transition-functionality with a number of new styles, new tempos and new moods. It had to be more flashy, more powerful, more … well… more everyting! The result: 9 new jingles with an attitude problem. The Brandy-wizards threw in raw guitars, heavy beats, weird sound effects and a meticulously crafted Hot AC-vocal sound.

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