Radio Contact Groove Club

And after an international pitch, Radio Contact in France selected Brandy for its new on-air imaging.

Contemporary dance music was the reference for this CHR/Dance package created for Radio contact in France. The sounds of the 14 jingles had to fit in seamlessly with the music that the station plays: electro-dance and R&B.

The full version of each cut is a mini-song that expresses the joie de vivre that Radio Contact is know and prized for. Brandy provided several mix-outs for each cut, so that the DJs can make the most subtle transitions. ‘Top of Hour’ is one of them – it makes you, the listener, only yearn for more.

Groove Club consists of 14 dance, electro and Rn’B tracks that fit seamlessly with Contact’s distinctive dance format. It’s a new hot ‘n steamy contemporary hit sound that’s quintessentially dance, but still radio friendly. I’ve included a few jingles so you can hear how it sounds like.

Groove Club from Brandy for Radio Contact | 7.34MB – 3:12

P.S. Programme or production directors who haven’t received a copy, please let them know at and they’ll send one right away.

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