Kissville September 2008 Update

In Kissville’s September update…. All this!!

Theme 40 > A disco inspired feel-good theme that should help to make the summer last a bit longer. As well as the full-length ramp and the drum mix, there’s a shorter ramp and the shogtun/nano edits for you. 130bpm on this baby.

Theme 41 > We love timbaland… we want to be him… so this theme is in honor of him. A loud logo followed by a cool bed, and the usual edits – slogan, shotgun, nano, and all the instrumental tracks and accapellas. For those of you who wanna chop it up, watch for the key change at the end… one of our crew loves to twist the keys around… it goes from D to Eb. 120bpm dudes!

Contest Bed 07 > We were asked for a cool “winning weekend” bed with phone fx and a good tempo… here it is! however, in case you want to use it without callers, or for other situations, there’s also a mix without the phone fx. And a standalone stab, of course. Let us know how you use it!

Another 5 SweepIDs > Use these, or use them as inspiration to make your own. Either way, have fun with them!

Kissville September 2008 | 6.27MB – 2:44

WELCOME NEW KISSVILLE CLIENTS: WPRT launched in Nashville on Friday August 29th, and they are using Kissville really nicely! Also new to Kissville; Mix FM (WWXM) in Myrtle Beach, Kiss FM (WZBZ) in Atlantic City and KRBE in Houston.

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