Extra Stuff from The Rocketeers

Radio Decibel is airing The Rocketeers’ 2009 custom package for 3 months now. In March, they came back with the need for more beds!

The Rocketeers produced 6 extra long beds and something new called ‘moodsells’.

Joost Griffioen (The Rocketeers),

“Jocks really make a big difference with moodsells, talks sound huge. And they match with the beds, so they’re perfect closers too.”

Listen to the demo below and the cuts in action.

Radio Decibel 2009 March from The Rocketeers | 5.76MB – 5:01

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2 Responses

  1. Tonka says:

    This is production with fresh ideas and inovations.Something different.I like it !!!

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