Anne TV Holiday Jingles and ShowNews Idents from The Rocketeers

Following the success of the first imaging package for Anne TV in July 2009, The Rocketeers once again delivered a superb jingle imaging for the Belgian TV Station. Still built around the signature logo sound of Anne TV, The Rocketeers team produced a set of Holiday and Xmas themes, Showcase bumpers and ShowNews idents.

Take a listen to the montage or watch the YouTube to see how Anne TV uses their ‘Rocketeers’ imaging on the air. You too can also get the “music you dreamed of”, go to right now.

Anne TV Holiday-Xmas-ShowNews Montage

Anne TV ShowNews

Watch Anne TV

The Rocketeers

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2 Responses

  1. Matthieu says:

    Again a great work from the team of the Rocketeers. I’m really fan of their work.

  2. Novell says:

    Thanks @Matthieu, The Rocketeers have been really busy in 2009 and greater projects are coming in 2010.

    Watch out this week for a custom imaging package the Rocketeers did for a popular reality TV contest.

    My shoutouts to Joost of The Rocketeers!

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