Yorkshire Coast Radio air EZ Rock resings

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5 Responses

  1. steve says:

    Absolutely how a great jingle should sound…they have a ring of the Original about them… they are fantastic…well done to the team at Wise Budda

  2. Balloons says:

    Sometimes re-sings don’t work. But these sound as custom made. Fab Wise buddah.

  3. Matt says:

    They the same as Star Radio Bristol. ” your station your music.. bla bla”

    No station sounds individual anymore

    • steve says:

      Most stations are group owned so as we know cost is key…

      but I agree all sations churn similar pulp but there are shining diamonds…

      Jingles are a key branding concept but on air content is key!

      Heart is pulp pulp pulp and pumped across the uk like raw sewage whether we want it or not.

      Global for obvs reasons with certain people at the helm are doing to radio what was done to ITV just look at the figures for GALAXY SOUTHCOAST vs POWER FM 100000+ listeners vamoosed! in recent Rajar do Global care …do they hell… it is a mere annoyance on the balance sheet…


      The stations should be local and with a decent owner could run locally but swamping of the radio market from companies who set up on a shoe string have degraded the service of ILR since the mid 90’s. Run by those groups who had tuppence to spend and no realistic business strategy…bolstered by admen with no clue of the heritage or people being served…MUSIC FUN LIFE…that led to a few heads rolling and subsequently appauling listener figs (no i.d’s – just one line sweepers)and a big switch off where better local or national competition was provided.

      I shall stop as we are here about jingles… they work so we use them but cost and pressure from above to sound like the competition (cos they’re successful) is always a factor as a prog controller or PD you get burdened with… oh bring back the mid 90’s golden era! just before the shiny suited admen destroyed the medium of radio.

      lol – well you’d cry otherwise… these YCR ID’s are a step in the right direction…but I see your point same same same SAFE!!!!! remember the shiny suits and worried Directors are lurking to put you in the right err SAME direction as everyone else.

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