Harmony FM Germany

Harmony FM is broadcasting privately in the German state of Hessen. The station started up in 2003 and broadcasts with a positive music. The best feel good songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Or, as Harmony FM claims it: Super Oldies fr Hessen. Top Format is proud to announce that they have teamed up with Harmony FM. The feel good vibe was brought by the Harmony FM crew while the creative team made the ultimate jingle package with a big smile on their faces. Custom made are the news and service beds and customized are the 4FM cuts, completely remixed into 17 brand new jingles plus 17 shotgun versions.

Log on to www.TopFormat.com to listen to the entire package.

Also check out this month’s Top News.

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2 Responses

  1. earl dawson says:

    I do not speak German, but I listen to your station on my PC all day/evening. This is my favorite! I live in Orlando Florida USA. I do not know our time difference but is 2200 right now.. Once again-THANK YOU for your VUNDERBAR (?) MUSIC!!!

  2. Kurt and Alina SCHAFER says:

    We lived in Australia(Brisbane)for the last 28 years.My husband Kurt came from Germany
    (Kassel) and I’m Polish.
    I came across a German radio website on PC
    and we found the “Harmony Fm” very pleasant.
    It was interesting to find out that the station origin is where Kurt came from.
    Since then we listen to this station day and night and we both love it!
    This music is so relaxing and it reminds us on the”good old days”.
    We even recommend “Harmony Fm” to our
    friends all over the world.
    Thanks for bringing the heppines to our homes.
    Kind regards
    from Kurt and Alina

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