KDWB 2009 from M-Edge Productions

KDWB 2009 IS HERE! It rocks. You will pee your pants! Rob Morris is so excited he has requested a bit more time to regain his composure before he can record his testimonial! So you will just have to wait for Rob’s comments and for the official demo. But for now you can enjoy the individual cuts and a play-by-play demo preview. We didn’t want you guys to have to wait any more for this baby. KDWB 2009 comes with 8 smokin’ Basic ID’s, 2 Morning Shows, 10 Shotguns, Weather, What’s Happening, Traffic, Contest and Top of Hour.

KDWB 2009 is available for you, so lock in this package before the competition does. Head on to www.m-edgeproductions.com

KDWB 2009 Demo (copyright M-Edge Productions)

KDWB 2009 M-Edge Productions

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20 Responses

  1. Gillez says:

    Really nice and fresh!

    Keep up da good work Tony!


  2. Larry says:

    Nice & fresh trax
    too bad vocals don’t meet the challenge

  3. joost says:

    incredible! do people really use this?
    in europe this could never be aired.

    i don’t want to be rude, but every vocal is out of tune. and the singers sound depressed, why? and the tracks sound like free demo’s from a local company. no dance or top40 record sounds like that. i am sorry for sounding so negative, but you know it’s true.

    i am really not a negative person, for example: jingles from reelworld or the rocketeers or wise buddah allways sound perfectly in tune and happy.

  4. applejack says:

    Hey Joost, did you fall and hit your head? Do you know what in-tune means? I listened to the entire jingle package and every vocal is perfectly in tune! Very well done I might add.

    As for your question about if people really use this! You may have been hiding under a rock for the past decade. Tony Valdez has produced KDWB 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008 and now 2009. This series of jingle packages has been on the air of many U.S. major markets. Rob Morris/Program Director of KDWB is a very smart man…being PD of a heritage station like KDWB is not an accident. Producing hit after hit for a heritage station is not an accident either.

    You are however, entitled to your opinion. Keep in mind that you brought yourself to attention right at the beginning of your comments by saying, “I don’t wanna be rude”…you weren’t rude…you simply showed that you don’t know what you are talking about.

    If you really know your stuff why don’t you produce a decade worth of jingle packages for a heritage station or better yet why don’t you become the PD of said station? Rob Morris has dominated his market for a loooooong time. My bet is on him and on M-Edge. Sorry dude!

  5. joost says:

    hi applejack.

    you are very reasonable in your comment. and you are very right about some things.

    but i just can’t believe you don’t hear what i mean.

  6. joost says:

    hi again!

    it’s allways hard to discuss vocals.
    so here is my little proof of the off-tune singing.

    this is basic-id 03:
    listen to the ending with the delay.

    > http://rapidshare.com/files/280036039/kdwb09_basicid_03.mp3.html

    now this is the ending in WAVES TUNE:

    > http://rapidshare.com/files/280036228/kdwb09_basicid_03_tune.jpg.html

    GREEN = the correction (it should be like or near this)
    ORANGE = the recording

    now you can see what i hear.

  7. applejack says:

    Wrong again joost! I happen to not only be a jingle fan but also to have a good share of professional friends in the music industry. I have forwarded your exhibit to several buddies and every single one has disagreed with your comments. That ID sounds great! What was commented is that when a producer uses a pitch correction plug-in it is used on a mono audio file with a single voice or instrument. You are running a vocal group through a pitch correction plug-in…sorry but that’s not going to work. In the case of Melodyne it can be done but you would have to spread apart the individual parts that are being sung and then and only then will you be able to adjust pitch…and that is if the pitch needs adjustment.

    If your ear was driving a car I would not like to be a passenger. Sorry again! Peace.

  8. applejack says:

    Joost…one more thing. I do have to give you credit for trying to do your homework. Your opinion is very valid and I bet the producers at M-Edge would not take offense at your opinion. Keep being a fan bro! 🙂

  9. joost says:

    your producer friend is right.

    no, sorry. you are wrong.
    trust me i know my stuff.

    i am serious. listen up.

    you can indeed not USE tune on a vocal GROUP.
    but… you actually can ANALYSE it when the group sings UNISONO.

    UNISONO like the kdwb ending.

    and when te ‘group’ had sung in-tune, it should have been like the GREEN lines.

    > when it is not possible to TRACK in WAVES TUNE, it does not draw a line.

    > so when it draws a SOLID line like the ORANGE ones, that is actually what is sung.

    you could contact WAVES for any questions.


  10. joost says:


    …or UNISONO for the loudest part. (then it is trackable – and then draws a line)

  11. applejack says:

    Joost….I just listened to the entire package 3 times over. Every single last note of the package has harmony parts in it. It is not in “unison”. I rest my case with you my dear friend! You know not what you speak of. Feel free to send the producer himself a note (in case he doesn’t see these posts)…I’m sure he will be able to set it straight for you. Here’s his email off his website: Tony@m-edgeproductions.com

    No more from me with you on this….you have proven to have simply a negative opinion without a solid factual foundation. I am a fan of M-Edge and don’t like to hear people cut down their work….or RW, or TM, or Jam, or any company for that matter. They work hard and when they do a great job we should be a bit more civil…and even if we think (in our opinion) that they didn’t we should still be cool. Over and out…good luck with your ear. Listen to the pkg again….every last note has harmony. As a matter of fact I’m gonna contact M-Edge to find out for sure. Later!

  12. applejack says:

    Well…drum roll please….
    Straight from the source…I was told by M-Edge producer, Tony Valdez, that all of the KDWB vocals do indeed end with harmony parts. There you have it. Time to swab the ear canal 😉

    Well done M-Edge…you have lots of fans out here! Keep up the great work.

  13. joost says:

    did you at all read my *remark……..?

    that says: “for the loudest part”
    of course it is a harmony… sigh.

  14. applejack says:

    Did you read my remarks?…I said it has been close to a decade of jingle productions for a heritage station…and the station keeps coming back for more! If you know so much bro you should produce a jingle pkg for KDWB. …sigh back at ya!

  15. Dan says:

    I RECOMMEND YOU LISTEN TO M-EDGE COUNTRY and see how awesome M-Edge is! They get “IT” from the sound to the sonic level a station needs to be at. Tony and his team are by far the best in the business


  16. applejack says:

    I must agree Dan! Very cool.

  17. Larry says:

    Again, to my opinion, Joost you’re right and
    I would not give a single buck for one of these cuts on my station, simply because of the vocals. It’s just amazing this is presented in a demo.

  18. joost says:

    got a call about the waves tune screenshot being gone.

    here we go:

    > http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/1676/kdwb09basicid03tune.jpg

    i am happy the mp3 is gone though. 😉 that’s a joke.

  19. Да, Именно так и было!:))

  20. Mike T says:


    Clearly, you’re awesome! Don’t you get it, you’re AWESOME!!!! I mean, if you don’t know you’re awesome, all you have to do is ask my awesome friends, and they’ll all confirm 😉

    hahahh. Applejack, you have passion.

    Joost, you know I’ve always thought you have the 2nd best ears in the industry. Keep it up bud, miss u much. Dinner, summer 2011.

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