BBC Radio Ulster 2009 from Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah is delighted to announce another custom package for its growing list of BBC clients.

Wise Buddah won the pitch to re-image BBC Radio Ulster, a diverse brand whose output caters to all age groups and just about every musical taste you can imagine – not to mention their Sony Radio Academy Award-winning discussion shows, current affairs, sport and Irish language programming.

Add to this BBC Radio Ulster’s desire stand out in a competitive marketplace with a fresh, modern and unique sound that simultaneously feels like it belongs to the BBC family and you can understand why they needed their first new imaging package in 6 years to be just right.

After months of work a massive package was delivered comprising over 30 custom themes to service the wide variety of the station’s output.

Based around a four note sonic logo, the package covers numerous musical genres from Jazz to Punk and from Country to Classical.

Right from the start Wise Buddah and BBC Radio Ulster enjoyed a close and creative relationship:

When Wise Buddah won the pitch for creating BBC Radio Ulster’s new station sound package their strong track record gave us huge confidence that they would deliver a top quality product. We weren’t disappointed. They grasped the feel of BBC Radio Ulster and delivered music that was closer to the brief than we could have imagined. A very positive experience all round and one we hope to repeat in the future.

– Jackie Neill, Editor, BBC Radio Ulster

The package is on line in its full glory at

BBC Radio Ulster 2009 from Wise Buddah

BBC Radio Ulster 2009 Demo (copyright Wise Buddah,

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  1. joost says:

    nice bright and uplifting tracks!
    to bad they used the flangers though and the mastering sounds very cold.

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