Jingle Jungle 3 from Brandy

This year… we won’t meet in Athens. No European NAB Conference, no interesting contacts and no illuminating showcases. But, we don’t want to deny you the new Brandy showreel 2009!

European radio professionals don’t get the opportunity very often to look across the borders and discuss radio topics. One such event is the European NAB Conference. This year radio professionals should have gone to Athens, and exchanged thoughts in the shadow of the Acropolis. Should have… because this year there won’t be an NAB Conference in Europe. But Brandy don’t want to deny you their contribution to that radio party. You’ll even get to hear it as first!

Jingle Jungle 3 has arrived! The overview of the latest Brandy creations is now available on CD. Among other things, the Brandy giraffe brings you the AC packages from JOE fm and VivaCité, as well as The Vibe and 101, innovative sounds for CHR or alternative formats.Of course, an overview of the Brandy packages can also be found under Audio Design on this website, but it is convenient to also have them within reach on CD. Are you a programme director or imaging producer of a radio or television station? Then ask here for your copy of Jingle Jungle 3. Be sure to state your address and the station where you’re enjoying yourself every day.

Listen to the track below or on the Brandy website here and request a copy of the full demo CD.

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