Rockland Radio, 88.6 and more from TM Europe

Listen below to what TM Europe have been up to lately.

Rockland Radio, Germany

Rockland Radio, from Germany, contacted TM Europe for the “Jack Pack” jingle package. The result was a load of new tracks, each with its own typical sound.

88.6 Wien, Austria

Austria’s number one radio station ‘88.6’ came back to TM Europe for an update of their existing jingle package. And yes Jack Pack again. This eccentric package was extended with new tracks. The slogan “Wir spielen was wir wollen!” is now on air in even more new different versions.
We wish ‘88.6’ in Austria lots of fun with their new package.

Twente FM, The Netherlands

Twente FM, “Jouw keuze in Twente”, “Your choice in Twente“, chose for TM Europe
to record this message in their new jingles.
The Kingdom FM package is the basis for this new imaging. It is a package with eight strong themes and dozens of mixes together with a whole pile of production beds and logo stingers.

Magic Jazz, The Netherlands

“Always jazz only”: the slogan of Magic Jazz. The format Magic Jazz uses,
provides a wide mix of different styles within jazz music. The jingle package that perfectly matches this, is Smooth R&B: smooth, soft and warm. Therefore TM Europe resung the jingles with jazzy singers.

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