The Station Song is back, from TM Studios and Kingdom FM

The station song is back, and it’s longer than ever! TM Studios has recorded a 3:46″ “Fife Song” for client station Kingdom FM, as part of their “We’re For Fife” campaign. There are 30″ and 60″ mixes being broadcast across STV from today, and special radio edits being used on the air.

Kevin Brady and Darren Stenhouse from Kingdom FM flew to Dallas to oversee the recording of the song, which features fully live instrumentation including players from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Lead vocals are from Annagrey and D Mac. Over two days, all the layers of the song were recorded, while a film crew captured the action, as seen in the video.

There are a number of shorter edits, including some featuring vocalists from the Fife area. The radio mixes end with the station name, attached is an example.

We’re For Fife for Kingdom FM from TM Studios

TM’s Creative Director Chris Stevens commented “In a world where jingles are generally getting shorter and shorter, it was great to be able to work on such a complex and exciting project as this. Greg Clancy took Kevin and Darren’s vision and brought it to life, thanks to a combination of talented musicians and wonderful singers.”

The Fife Song!

Adding horns to the mix

Kevin and Darren in the TM Studios main control room

Some of the musicians on the first day

The Kingdom team with the string section

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Dinan says:

    Really like this – a fabulous feel-good song that’s beautifully written, orchestrated and sung

  2. simply beautiful!!!! admiration and respect to Tm sudios.
    Loris, Jinglesfactory

  3. Maarten says:

    Very nice to hear this as first jingle in this new year. Can we hear the edits and submixes as well?

  4. Steve says:

    This is great, but I’m amazed they made it start exactly like the Cheesy Song on the Chris Moyles Show, which Music 4 produce as a parody of station songs.

  5. Len Groat says:

    This song is full of energy, exhuberance, localness and LIFE; it’s exactly what radio needs in Britain to get re-inspired after the insipid, ‘cookie-cutter radio station’ years ~ WELL DONE the TM Team !

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