Three more switch to TM in the UK

Bay Radio in Swansea have relaunched with a resing of the Channel 4 Hot AC package, with custom elements for news, weather and traffic from TM Studios. The station has renamed itself, dropping the word “Swansea” from their title. The Channel 4 package fits their playlist perfectly, and is sounding great on the air. They launched with it last Monday morning.

Also running TM Studios are sister stations Dee 106.3 and Silk 106.9. They’re both in Cheshire, and are both running resings of the Bee package. This means that The Bee jingle package is now on 4 stations in Northwest England, and has featured on over a dozen stations across the UK since it was first sung in 2005. This makes it one of TM’s most popular international jingle packages!

TM’s Creative Director, Chris Stevens, said: “We enjoy working with stations of all sizes. Radio is more competitive than ever, and it’s essential to have a strong station sound that clearly communicates the values of your station.”

Bay Radio 2009 from TM Studios | 3.88MB – 2:07

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  1. September 14, 2009

    […] TM Studios added new sets of themes for the original Channel 4 Package including news, weather and traffic as heard on the Bay Radio version posted here at . […]

  2. March 2, 2010

    […] are the third UK station to air the Channel 4 Hot AC package, following in the footsteps of Bay Radio in Swansea, and Bolton FM. Originally recorded for Channel 4 in Dubai, the package is also on air […]

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