Radio Plymouth launches with TM jingles

The UK’s newest FM radio station, Radio Plymouth, launched on Sunday 28th February, and TM Studios was delighted to supply the jingle package. The station chose TM’s “Channel 4 Hot AC” jingle package, with a range of alternate sings, and custom mixes of the news and traffic beds.

TM worked with Fresh Air Studios, who were overseeing the branding of Radio Plymouth. Paul Philpott, Managing Director at Fresh Air, said:

“As an audio branding consultancy, Fresh Air Studios was contracted to co-ordinate the Radio Plymouth jingle package – consisting of a range of sung jingles, ‘spoken’ idents using the station voices (Ruth Langsford and Jon Iles) and sonic logos (which would be based on the pattern the sung vocals created). We needed to work with a company with a proven track record in sung station branding, and TM were the perfect partners! They were a pleasure to work with. Further to the standard package, TM provided us with an impressive set of elements, sub-mixes and alternative vocal tracks, enabling us to expand and create an extremely extensive package.”

Radio Plymouth 2010 from TM Studios

Radio Plymouth are the third UK station to air the Channel 4 Hot AC package, following in the footsteps of Bay Radio in Swansea, and Bolton FM. Originally recorded for Channel 4 in Dubai, the package is also on air in the USA and Japan.

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