The Kick for One FM

In an effort to reposition its radio brand, the Swiss broadcaster One FM joined forces with both Brandy’s graphic and audio design department.

The result: a refreshed visual logo, a slogan that grasps the essence of One FM, a recognizable sonic logo and a jingle package where image, lyrics and sound all come together. One FM is all about The Fun, The Kick, The Music… and so are the jingles!

Feel good, excitement and power were the keywords in creating ‘The Kick’. Musical production as in today’s chart hits, a solid sonic logo and confident but smooth vocals. The Kick comes with a large number of mixouts and workparts, the ultimate toolbox for the One FM in-house production team.

Discover this new CHR package or have a peek at the new One FM logo on the Brandy website.


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  1. September 14, 2011

    […] Kick Vol 1 was originally produced for One FM in Switzerland. The package has since started an international […]

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