F1 – Brandy custom AC jingle package

Frekvence 1 blasts through Czech airwaves with F1, a Brandy custom AC jingle package consisting of 9 main themes, news and weather.

Being a challenger on the Czech national radio market, Frekvence 1 was looking for stronger and more confident imaging. In a close collaboration with the station sound manager, Brandy created an AC package. The powerful & catchy vocal sound and the modern & dynamic music tracks work great between the station’s eclectic mix of today’s hits and yesterdays classics. At the same time it strongly reinforces the Frekvence 1 brand values.

Frekvence 1’s in-house production is powered by the Gap Stuff SILK sound fx library.

All the cuts from the Frekvence 1 package cuts can be easily adapted to your station’s name, slogan and sonic logo. Disover them on the Brandy website.

F1 Demo

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