3FM Rocks During The Lunch Hours

To give the lunch hours between 12 and 2 a little bit of an extra ‘bite’, the PURE Jingles team took some rock drums, a bunch of guitars, turned the amps up to 11 and came up with some solid rock jingles for the new early afternoon show Effe Ekdom on 3FM….

PURE Jingles has been supplying Dutch CHR 3FM with tons of jingles and imaging for the last 8 years. And since the programming on the station is more divers than what CHR is traditionally known for, the PURE team has been more than happy to leave the tried and tested at the door and shoot for the moon on some occasions.

Gerard Ekdom (one of Holland’s most popular DJs) and his colleague Michiel Veenstra came to us before with some unusual requests for the weekend start-off show Ekstra Weekend (listen to the examples by surfing to the 3FM specialty cuts 1 on the PURE Individual page). So when PURE learned that Gerard was going to take on the weekly lunch hours the team kicked into gear to produce a bunch of jingles that are certain to grab the attention of any listener.

Please be sure to try out the jingles by yourself. Surf to the PURE Individual page, click the 3FM Specialty Cuts 2 logo and play around with the jingles inside the Jinglemixer. Log on to www.purejingles.com


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