BBC Radio 1 Jan / Feb 2013 Updates

Plenty of work in the beginning of 2013 at the PURE Jingles headquarters, with another BBC Radio 1 imaging update.

A little less than a year ago PURE Jingles started producing idents for BBC Radio 1. And the ‘trick’ to keep every update sounding fresh is to keep changing, with tracks lasting from 15 seconds to about a minute. Those compositions are then re-worked, edited, mixed and re-mixed until there are about 5 bars worth of audio excitement left for every ident.

Since last Autumn, BBC Radio 1’s production team has also been eager to bring specific audio elements, that function as ‘logos’, into the mix. To make sure that these don’t always end up in the traditional spots – like the beginning or end of a ‘jingle’, the logos are only thrown in at the latest possible point, when the production is about 90% done.

BBC Radio 1 is the UK’s leading station for a young generation that doesn’t shy away from experimenting with playing music that others won’t even touch for another year or so. In line with this kind of an attitude PURE Jingles will keep on pushing the envelope to be part of Radio 1’s journey for a long time to come.

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