Larger-Than-Life Sound for bigFM!

German’s leading CHR station bigFM now has a sound that is larger than life! PURE Jingles came up with station IDs that make the station not only sound big and bold, but also distinctive and different from the outset.

“The challenge was to create something that we know as ‘jingles’ but that doesn’t sound like anything else out there”, Stefan Müller, Head of Sound Design & On-Air Promotion at bigFM explains. He and Sound Design Producer Mate Stojic came to PURE Jingles for a three-day-session full of inspiration, creativity and joy.

Progressive and punchy

Stojic: “After having a very professional recording session with two amazing singers, it was more than fun to combine our station voices, edited and processed by the pro’s at PURE Jingles, with their jingle cuts and sung vocals, to get the progressive and punchy mix we now have.”

“It’s the perfect combination of sung elements, a cool vocal mix and the great tracks from PURE Jingles”, Stefan Müller adds. “We already look forward to come back next year to get on with PURE. It was a pleasure to work with them. Big shouts from bigFM!”


bigFM is Germany’s most successfull radio station for young adults and the home of the popular morning show ‘Susanka und der Morgenhans’. The station has over 300.000 listeners in an average hour, is heard by over 2 millions a day and known by over 8 million people.


PURE Jingles | bigFM 2010

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