The FunX Factor

Urban CHR station FunX in the Netherlands just got another update from PURE Jingles.

A few months after The Sound of the Summer went on air, FunX came back for another batch of jingles, created for De FunX DiXte 1000 – a countdown of the 1000 biggest R&B hits of all time, headed by 2 Pac’s Changes.

The station often asks PURE for custom-made work, but opted for a re-sing now. They picked their favorites from the JingleBox, a constantly growing number of jingles, created for a mix of stations (from Soft AC to Hot CHR).

PURE modified the original logo melodies into the 4-note ‘Fun-X, Fun-X’ signature, before recording the jingles with native vocals. The result is a ‘logo-customized re-sing’ that comes close to a custom package.

The recent update for FunX includes 10 jingles, all delivered in 5 versions.

Enjoy ‘The FunX Factor’ on the PURE Jingles site, where you’ll also find the 2 previous jingle sets.

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