ReelWorld Releases New WKTU, KDMX 2011 Package

In 2004, ReelWorld created the KHMX Houston Package. It became the most successful Hot AC jingle package in the history of ReelWorld.

In 2011, history will repeat itself.

Built on the same creative foundation, KDMX Dallas features 10 Themes, multiple mixouts of each, the same male and female vocal combination, and 100% Hot AC musical compositions which span everything from Kings of Leon to Train.

“The new jingle package from ReelWorld was exactly was I was looking for. The cuts sound great and are a perfect fit for Mix 102.9”, Patrick Davis, Program Director, KDMX

Listen to the package now, at


WKTU 2011

It has been more than 5 years since ReelWorld’s last KTU package. During that time, the sound of the station has evolved under the command of Rob Miller. Now, the legandary WKTU is once again a ratins leader in the New York market, reaching more than 4.5 million listeners each week.

Brand new jingles can only help, right?

“I shared my vision and the guys created new cuts which retain our heritage jingle sound whilst matching current musical textures and keeping the energy flowing!”, Rob Miller, Program Director WKTU


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