Hard Rock FM From JAM to IQ Beats

IQ Beats recently announced the release of a composite jingle package for Indonesia’s signature FM radio network – Hard Rock FM.

Contrary to its name, Hard Rock FM is actually a lifestyle and entertainment network that features the latest trends to its listeners.

The network airs in four locations at 87.6 in Jakarta, 87.7 in Bandung, 89.7 in Surabaya and 87.8 in Bali.

Hard Rock FM picked cuts from a mix of jingle packages namely: the Century FM, Heart Network 2, Heart Network 1, and Heart London package.

Hard Rock FM was known to be a JAM client way back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Listen to the sounds of Hard Rock FM Indonesia from JAM to IQ Beats.

Hard Rock FM 2011 by IQ Beats

Hard Rock FM by JAM Creative Productions

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