Wise Choice for Key 103

Last week Bauer Media’s Key 103 in Manchester began airing a brand new imaging package produced by London’s Wise Buddah. The new package includes jingles, station imaging and power intros with an agreement for ongoing updates on a regular basis.

Key 103 2012

Wise Buddah have previously worked with 4 of the 9 Bauer ‘Big City’ network stations; namely Viking FM, Metro Radio, Radio Aire and Hallam FM. They can now add Key 103 to the growing list.

Key 103 station director Gary Stein said: “Manchester is a big, noisy marketplace. We wanted to create a sound for the radio station that stands out from the crowd, that is contemporary and that fits with our music policy and playlist. What we liked about Wise Buddah was that they worked really closely with us to get the sound that we wanted, maintaining our sonic logo but modernizing it and making it fit with the hits that we play. The ongoing agreement works well for us because it means that the imaging and jingles can adapt as we change our playlist. Together we’ve created something that will evolve over time.”

Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant added: “Some companies produce jingles that sound like jingles, which is fine in certain circumstances but we encourage our writers to produce imaging that sounds like the music being played on the station. This fitted perfectly with what Key 103 were after.”

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