Germany’s Radio Brocken launch Wisebuddah Jingles

Broadcasting from Halle in the heart of central Germany’s metropolitan region, Radio Brocken has become the latest German station to launch a new Custom ID package from Wisebuddah in London.

The package features brand-new IDs and a new Show Opener for the station; along with News, Travel and Weather information elements, complimented with an extensive vocal logo toolkit.

Composed and produced to reflect the station’s mission to play ‘Die beste Musik für Sachsen-Anhalt’, the package takes musical inspiration from the 80s to the present day, and is brimming with vocal and instrumental hooks, perfect for the station’s Modern-AC format. Each ID has versions with both strong and soft tag sings, to allow every cut to easily perfectly? to whichever song is next on the Radio Brocken playlist.

Radio Brocken’s Programme Director, Tina Wilhelm, said: “Wisebuddah convinced with a unique package that catapulted Radio Brocken into the Champions League of Sound. The new custom made jingles perfectly caress the various musical styles of our programming and provide a warm, friendly and unique listening experience for Radio Brocken listeners. The newly developed “feel-good” station logo really supports this approach.”

Richard Gleitsmann, Head of On-Air Promotion, Radio Brocken: “Working with Wisebuddah was always highly professional. Ben, the producer, fulfilled all our wishes and brought more ideas to the table to further drive the sound to perfection. The professional cooperation was always characterised by the flexibility for our ideas and thus always un-bureaucratic…or to put it simply, it was just really great fun to work together with Wisebuddah.”

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Production Manager, said: “It’s been a exceptionally busy and exciting summer for us, and the package for Radio Brocken has been a huge part of that. Creating versatile cuts to work with the different sings was really important as we really wanted all the cuts to produce a natural fit against the wide musical variety on Radio Brocken’s Modern-AC playlist.”

Ben Townsend, Wisebuddah: “It was a real pleasure working with Tina and Richard on this package, it was great to have them over in London for the vocal sessions, which were a brilliantly creative couple of days. It’s been great to have played a part in the new sound of Radio Brocken.”

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