Heart Network 2012 Jingles

Brighter, Tighter, but still with space for your talent – Heart Network 2012 from IQBeats.

Global Radio have once again went to IQ Beats to create new jingles for the Heart Network which are now airing loud and clear around the Heart Network in the UK. 15 themes with a few remixes of some of the older Heart material from IQ forms the basis of Heart Network 2012 along with an updated and improved news sequence.

Have a listen to the demo below and why not have a listen to the cuts in the clear at IQBeats.com.

Heart Network 2012 from IQ Beats

It is always a proud moment at IQ Beats when we are able to unveil our latest set of music imaging for the UK’s biggest commercial radio network.

Our new Heart radio jingles for London and the sister stations all around the country are now live on-air and sounding neater, brighter and tighter than ever before.

The new package features the three note musical logo that the network is famous for signaling ‘London’s Heart’ in the capital city and ‘This is Heart’ around the UK. All cuts are sung both ways with a new tighter vocal sound that really sets this package apart from anything else in the market.

Over the years our Heart packages have featured a double sing ‘This is Heart – London’s Heart’. For our new 2012 package the double sing is replaced by a single in order to speed up the pace and move the flow of the station to a new level.

As always with our Heart packages, a huge amount of time and detail have gone into the tracks and the vocals. Working with the team at Global Radio day in and day out, we have been able to tailor a set of cuts that continue to define the sound of the station in the strongest way possible.

We are really proud of the fact that our Heart package is more than a selection of synth based cuts – The team at Global always encourage and give us the time and space to develop each track in the fullest way possible resulting in complex, real brass & horn arrangements as well as an array of other authentic instrumentation.

We would like to thank everyone at Global Radio (you know who you are) who have been a vital part of making this package so fantastic! We are thrilled with the results and happy to continue with a legacy which offers arguably the most defined and consistent station image in UK commercial radio.

Some of our previous work for Heart: Heart Network 2, Heart Network 1, London’s Heart 106.2.

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