Indika FM picks up IQ Capital jingles

Indika FM in Indonesia has recently started to air a resing of IQ Beats’ Capital FM jingle package. They picked a selection of cuts from the package which can be heard in the montage below.

Indika FM 2012 from IQ Beats

Indika is the second Indonesian station to pick up the popular Capital package, following in Hard Rock FM’s footsteps. Other stations to have picked up the Capital package over the past two-and-a-half years include Channel 4 in Dubai, FM104 in Ireland and WZPL in Indianapolis to name a few aswell as other stations in the Hit Music Network – Red Dragon FM, Leicester Sound, Ram FM and Trent FM with Mercury FM airing an instrumental version of the package.

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  1. Gavin Dowd says:

    Didn’t Hard Rock FM get a resing of the Heart 2008 and Heart 106.2 London package

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