TM Studios Launch 360 COUNTRY

TM Studios have just launched a brand new service for Country stations called 360 COUNTRY fronted by Ricky Roo and new TM recruit Ryan Drean.

360 COUNTRY is a new, all-in-one branding service. It includes EVERYTHING your station needs to create a compelling and memorable on-air image. 360 COUNTRY has revolutionized how imaging is packaged. No a la carte products – you get EVERYTHING!

360 COUNTRY Launch Demo 2012

360 JINGLES: Powered by the top Nashville players. Produced to sound like the hit songs on your playlist. Customized. Updated regularly. Very PPM friendly.
360 SHELLS: For concert events, contesting, music positioning, new music intros, listener & lifestyle-based promos and sweepers, artist spotlights, specials, holidays and special events. Easy drag & drop mixouts.
360 LOGO: This 3 note audio logo is your station’s signature. Designed to enhance your brand identity. The 360 sonic logo is your signature, a sounder that’s woven throughout your package. The cornerstone of your stations brand.
360 MUSIC: Musical themes written and performed by Grammy-winning, Nashville musicians. More than just “beds” these tracks will make your station events and benchmarks sound BIG.
Plus… Sound Design FX. Artist drops. Listener Audio. 360 Community.

Here’s the scoop from Ryan Drean:

” I wanted to write a quick post just to say thanks for taking the time to see and hear what we are doing with 360 Country. I will mostly be letting the producer’s who work for 360 Country handle the blog and its regular content. We have musicians, producers and sound designers in Nashville, Detroit, Greensboro, Billings, Montana, Dallas, Florida, Colorado and even a couple outside the states wokring on this project. I have been a user of imaging services and jingle packages for years. I have developed products and assisted in the development from the station side. I have worked with packages from TM Studios and other jingle houses as well. Now I have been given the opportunity to take what I know and create something from scratch that I think stations across America will not just enjoy but REQUIRE for station branding. You can peruse the site to see all of the different components so I won’t go too far into that now.

I WILL say that my main goal was to cut out the need for multiple services. I wanted to join the updated, custom jingle model with the constatntly updated imaging service and create a total branding service that is musically cohesive, comrehensive and versatile. I believe we have pulled that off. Remember, this thing is organic and it will always evolve. If you LOVE it, well thats awesome and I hope you sign up. If you LIKE it but feel there are areas in which it can improve after you sign up, PLEASE tell me. If there is something hindering you from signing up, email me! There are so many components that we may already have what you want. This is the main email address and it goes directly to me. We want to hear from anyone that wants to share a critique!

Again, I know how limited your spare time is and I know how many services are out there. I know that some are huge and have been around a long time. I also know that what we have is top notch. I am proud of what we are doing and the fact you gave me a few minutes of your time to hear a demo and read a blog is very much appreciated.”

360 COUNTRY is available now on a market-exclusive basis. For info call (212) 419-2926.

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