IQ Beats Brings Dallas Sound To Gold UK

IQ Beats’ announces its newest package for Gold UK. This is the third jingle package IQ Beats have been asked to produce for Gold since 2009 – Gold 1, Gold 2. Gold 2 went down the Dallas vocal route and Gold 3 builds on this further.

In the UK if you want the Greatest Hits of all Time then you need to listen to Gold. With a diet of classics from Elvis to the Beatles and Queen to Bowie, Gold is the feel good radio station that really brings to life a brilliant era of music from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s.

At IQ Beats we we thrilled to be asked to follow up our much talked about classic radio jingle package for Gold from 2010 with a fresh new set of cuts for 2012. This package has the same vocal feel as before with the classic Dallas sound yet the cuts are fresher, tighter and brighter. These cuts really work into the songs that Gold play and help to give the station a totally distinctive sound that you can’t hear anywhere else in the UK.

When choosing a package for a golden format we appreciate that stations have choices. There are hundreds of ‘back in the day’ packages sitting on the shelves just ready to be resung as quickly as you can say..well..Gold! Once again we want to thank our friends at Global Radio for creatively going that extra mile and investing the time and energy into helping us create something new, something custom and something to be truly proud of.

This is the new package for Gold that one day will hopefully become a radio classic of its generation. Listen to the demo below or listen to the new 2012 Gold 3 Classic Radio Jingles cut by cut at IQ

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