Wise Buddah reaches for the SKY with a new Christmas Jingle Package!

Every Christmas Sky Radio transforms into “The Christmas Station”, playing nothing but Christmas hits past and present over the festive period.

Following on from the success of Buddah’s 2011 custom package, the team were given the challenge of rebranding the imaging and updating Sky’s classic Christmas sound.
The brief was to draw on some well loved classic Christmas songs from the likes of Coldplay, Wham, Chris Rea, Mariah Carey and many more.

Comprising of 16 custom IDs including Main IDs, Transitions, Shotguns and two bespoke mini Christmas songs, we aimed to create a warm, uplifting and contemporary Christmas feel.

Taking a break from the mince pies and Mulled Wine, Wise Buddah’s Marc Vickers said; “Even though we made the package in the middle of August, we managed to create an overwhelmingly festive mood in the studio. It was a pleasure to make and great fun too!”

WB’s Paul Plant added, “We’re looking forward to spreading the Christmas cheer in 2013 when the SKY Radio Christmas package will be available for international syndication.

Click here to listen to the package or download the montage here.

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