Capital of Media update: The Radio Imaging Library

The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) is the first custom, online FX-library. A team of FX-producers from all over Europe have worked relentlessly to create this revolutionary new way to create radio imaging.Founder of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers: “There are dozens of FX-libraries and we know them all. But there is always something missing and it is always that one effect that you really need. To help imaging directors with this problem I myself had for years, I came up with the idea to create a custom FX-library. After almost a year of producing we can finally present our new service to the radio industry. No one else but you als Imaging-Director know what you need to create the best promos, sweepers and more. So you tell us what you need and we create it for you!”

The Radio Imaging Library already has hundreds of FXs ready for direct download in different categories, such as atmospheres, breakers, starters, enders, impacts, risers, hitbeats and beepers. All files can be downloaded in 48kHz, 24-bit WAV-files and have logical file names, so that the FXs can be easily traced in your ProTools sessions.

Every month TRIL is updated with at least 10 new FXs, but as an Imaging Director you have the opportunity to put in requests. Do you need something special for your production and do you need it fast? All registered users of TRIL can request custom effects, that will initially only be available for you. After a month this effect will be available for all members of The Radio Imaging Library.

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