New Modern AC sound for Haarlem 105

One of Holland’s biggest local radio stations, Haarlem 105, has a new on air sound by Strike Jingles. The station that delivers the news and information of the Haarlem region, the capital of North-Holland and known as Amsterdam’s sister, came back to Strike for an update of their on air imaging.

Program Director of Haarlem 105, René Kint says: “Everyone knows Haarlem 105 in the Netherlands, because our station is the start for many professionals. That basis must be good. We do that with our local content, our programming, music scheduling and of course the jingles and imaging. Capital of Media has been our “go to” for years, their label Strike made this great jingle package. All music styles that we play, are represented in the jingles. Of course, the urgent news and information elements are the perfect addition. We are very satisfied with our new sound, that’s on air from the city to the beach!”

Strike Jingles created a custom package, consisting 6 IDs, a Top of Hour and several news and information elements. The new Modern AC sound of Haarlem 105 is on air now and available for your station.

At this moment the Strike team is producing new custom jingles for Dutch national public radio NPO Radio 2, a new sound for Radio Weesp is coming up and a custom package for NPO Radio 5.

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