VRT Radio 1 partners with Audio Brothers

DeLage Landen Lijst, a radio show where four radio stations are looking for the very best Dutch songs, together with their listeners in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Alain Ryckman -Coordinator VRT Radiospotcel – wanted to create a unique identity around De Lage Landenlijst to replace the existing network imagingof the participating stations.

For the imaging,VRTRadio 1worked very closely with music studio Audio Brothers from Amsterdam. They were commissioned to produce asongthat had to be recognizable, positive and musical, suitable for both the Dutch regional broadcasters andVRTRadio 1.

Ben Venesoen -StationImager VRT Radio 1: “We really likedAudio Brotherscomposition. It is positive, funky and danceable. I heareda lot of possibilities. It is a song that can appeal to a wide audience and that is even more important for De Lage Landenlijst than it would otherwise be.”

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